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     LEAH TOUSIGNANT is bound to dazzle any audience with her smooth vocals, funky piano chops, and irresistible charm. LEAH T has spent much of her life in the Twin Cities honing her craft as a uniquely creative singer/songwriter.  Her many years spent studying the piano have transformed her into a dynamic solo performer as well as a magnetic frontwoman.

     After calling St. Paul, Minnesota her home for 24 years, LEAH T made the decision to move towards the Pacific coast and quickly dove head first into the Seattle music scene in 2015.  She recruited The Baked Goods to back her solo project and further enrich the music's harmonic texture and deepen the groove. Leah T released her sophomore EP, Feeling things., in the fall of 2018.  She also spent 2020 getting her DIY fingers dirty with a new release each month, most of which were accompanied by a unique music video. While still pursuing her original project, she was quickly scooped up by a number of local bands as a strong, supporting keyboardist and vocalist.

     In 2020, the artist community was one of many groups that suffered greatly during the pandemic. With live performances at a standstill and real time collaboration with bandmates nearly impossible, Leah T was forced to make decisions she felt would be in the best interest of her career and overall well being. In December, 2020, she moved into a converted cargo van in attempts to travel the country as safely as possible, chase inspiration, and grow as an artist and an individual. The journey took her from Seattle to Florida with a slew of stops in between. Leah returned to Seattle in the summer of 2021 but knew her adventure was far from over. In November, 2021, she hit the road again with a plan to plant roots in Nashville. During the next year, we can anticipate further releases and funky collaborations in unlikely locations.

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